So Annikah started the venture into “solid” foods a few weeks ago. I say “solid” because really there is not much solid about them. They are pretty much mashed or pureed beyond any resemblance of their former appearance. I say this to all those who may not realize that in baby land solid foods means anything besides breast milk or formula. I now know the need for such an explanation after I went to a friends birthday dinner ( a throw back to my former life,- it was amazing no one smelled like spit up even!) and a single guy friend of mine from college asked what the baby was up to these days. As I searched my mind for something he would find interesting (or at least not “Oh, sorry, I forgot I have to be somewhere…like the dentist”…boring)
and so I mentioned solid foods. He then asked what her favorites were and I kid you not he asked “Has she tried a T-bone yet?” After I realized he was serious I had to explain that she has no teeth and big hunks of meat come later (or never unless her daddy makes them, I can barely touch the stuff). Another reminder of the HUGE learning curve of becoming a parent. So, here is Anni’s review of her experiences with solid food thus far:

this was her first food besides rice cereal and she was not having it, in fact her face actually seemed to twitch in convulsions as she starred at me in horror as if i was feeding her raw fish (oh, some people pay a lot to eat that-my bad). It was hard to not take this personally as I would eat a shoe I found in the alley if it was covered in guacamole! It is getting better- see the video. We will keep trying…

Bananas: tried them today for the first time and it went over much better than the avocados.
She looked only mildly disgusted at first and seemed to warm up to them. We will continue our foray into fruits.

Sweet Potatoes: on the menu for later this week…stay tuned to find out!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Annii is ADORABLE! She is the star of the show! Such a little Miss Smarty-Pants. Snaps on creating an entertaining blog. One of my favorites is — and that’s all the surfing I can do. Oh, and the OK-GO video of “here we go again” on You Tube.