Yesterday we ventured out to have 6 month pictures taken of monkey joy. We wanted to get a picture of her in this fab dress that was custom made just for her! You got it: baby couture! Now, I know you are thinking “Jason and Roxanne are super cheap, how did they swing that one?” Well, here is where I give a shout out to my amazing mommy pal Beck for creating this dress from remnants we found at a local fabric place (as a side note Beck is a total inspiration to me as a Mom. She is the kind of gal pal you can call when you really are close to jumping and she will talk to down. But not in a “poor you” way but a “buck up girl, you can do it” way. She rocks! I first met her thru the Kidstreet ministry at our church and her heart for kids and her talents have no end…plus now our hubbies have become Wii partners in crime). She made thsi over the top crazy dress for Annikah’s dedication at out church a few weeks ago and we love it so much that we had to get picture before she outgrows it. So here is my favorite shot of the day. Anni quite enjoys the dress, mostly because she attempts to eat the orange tulle on the bottom but hey she looks pretty good for her first (and probably last) couture gown.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog Wox! Annikah looks amazing in her designer dress. I echo the shout out to Beck. She’s so cool!