So this is my fav picture of Annikah with Jason. It was taken at our church retreat (hence the ugly hotel bedspread, lest someone think we own such a monstrosity). I am so thankful that Anni loves her daddy so much! She lights up when he comes home from work and frankly I am convinced she would rather hang out with him all day if he had boobs!
I was blessed the other day to come home after working out to find Jason and Annikah in our room playing what Jason calls a new “game.” He was so excited to show me this little invention. Let me share the “rules” of this game with you: Papa holds Anni up high then proceeds to drop her onto a big throw pillow at which point she rolls over and falls off the pillow landing on her tummy on the bed. She then laughs hysterically. At first I was tempted to rush to catch her thinking there is no way my baby (who acts as though I am stabbing her when I even suggest “tummy time”) likes that but to my shock she laughed (just as the rules demand) and squirmed until he did it again. This reminded me why God gave Anni her Papa- to teach her and play with her in ways I would not think to. My hope and prayer is that they continue this lil‘ love affair and that Annikah always knows she is loved by her mama and papa!



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