I'm so grateful you are here! I'm Roxanne; a Mama of 4, wife to Jason for over 20 years, entrepreneur, MS Warrior, and visual storyteller who loves following after Jesus and keeping first things first as I pursue living vulnerably and confidently & helping others do the same.
I am known for laughing too loud & dancing everyday & everywhere. I thrive in encouraging & celebrating others in pursuing success on their terms. Are you wanting both challenge & encouragement?
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A multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves to help others win

I’m Roxanne

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“Roxanne has truly been the sole reason I am even able to launch my business in this timeline and her service is one I do not take granted. If you have been on the fence about mentorship, don’t wait and do it. Like do it yesterday because it is so worth it.” 
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"Truly Roxanne is a well of knowledge and I couldn’t be more thankful to have her in my corner."

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