Women tell me so often they want to book a session but…..
“I’m not confident enough”
“I need to lose 10 pounds first”
⚡️Can we have some real talk?
I get it. In fact when I saw this self portrait of me I almost didn’t keep it because of my mid section squish. BUT here is what I need to live – practice what I preach- my and YOUR body is good. I have joy in this photo and I love it!
⚡️Life & your goals & beautiful images don’t happen 10 pounds from now.
Bodies change. They grow & shrink. They age. And NONE of that takes away from your created beauty & belovedness.
You AND your body are fabulous!
I promise to always pose and give you actions and directions that help you feel confident & are flattering. I really want you SEE 👀 how amazing you are let’s partner!!!

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