Join me in blessing a local teacher who does so much to help all kids learn! Ms. Veal shared more here:

“My name is April Veal.  I am a Special Education Teacher.  My philosophy of education embraces educational equity and my belief that all children are unique and possess a variety of characteristics that may or may not be conducive to learning.  I believe it is my responsibility to foster a climate of trust within the classroom so that curiosity and the natural desire to learn can be nourished and enhanced.  The classroom environment should support collaboration and mutual respect between teachers, paraprofessionals, and students.  As an educator, I wear many hats–teacher, disciplinarian, nurse, friend, encourager, facilitator, etc.  My classroom environment is structured according to the following values that shape my teaching style:

  1. All students should be valued equally.
  2. All children should be cooperative learning partners with peers in academic and social areas of development.
  3. All children have learning strengths and challenges.
  4. Learning is a supportive partnership between parents, students, teachers, administrators, personnel, and community agencies.
  5. School administrators, teachers, faculty members, parents, and students should facilitate a positive academic and social environment for all students.” 

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