Many people feel all types of ways about being in front of a camera; nervous, self conscious, apprehensive, and some love it! Partnering with clients for 10 years in my business Hawa Images has taught me that helping people to feel comfortable is how we allow their most confident and authentic self to come out in front of my lens.

I am very comfortable behind the camera so I challenge myself to get in front of the lens often because I will never ask my clients to be vulnerable in a way I am not willing to do. I make sure to get in front of the camera several times a year. Self portraiture has also taught me so much about posing, movement, and what works and what doesn’t (epic fails are always a great learning opportunity).

Please know your right now is beautiful and worthy of celebrating. We spend way too much time not showing up fully because comparison steals joy or we want to wait until we look a certain way. Right now is all we have- confidence starts with knowing your and in my experience surrounding yourself with friends who remind you of your value is so important! We all need a hype squad.

Whether you just want a fun new profile picture on your favorite social media app or whether you are utilizing online spaces to build a business or brand everyone needs updated images. Please do not be that person who has a head shot from 10 years ago on your profile- I’m kidding…but not really. It builds trust with your audience to have updated images that reflect how you actually look. Invest the time, money, and energy.

What helps create dynamic images that share our unique brand and personality? What have I learned?

Come along on a recent self portrait content session with me with some video and images. I am sharing my top tips to be more confident in front of the lens over at my Hawa Images’ blog.


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