What a ride- one I never wanted to get on. I was diagnosed with 🧡MS 2 years ago. . It was a life changing day. I couldn’t even really register what the doctor was saying & the grief of the life I envisioned is real. The fight for joy is a journey. And I’m stronger than I knew. There have been lots of difficult days & so many amazing days since then. This picture is one of the hard days. Spasticity that is wicked painful takes over my body- Evy took the picture because I wanted to be able to describe to my neurologist what was happening. What strikes me the most when I look at this image is Annikah laying her hand on my knee & praying for me. It is really scary for my kids (& me) when symptoms seem to take over AND what a blessing that I am surrounded with love & support. 🖤Fight on friends- whatever seen or unseen – life is beautifully hard & we do not do it alone. 💪🧡



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