2020 will be the summer we became pop-up people. Bring on the summer adventures! Jason’s sister Annie and her husband Justin had preached the pop up to us for the last 2 years but life was always too busy to make time & space for more camping but cancelled culture of late made us decide we needed relatively safe adventures this summer.  Enjoying & exploring creation and not being in our home was just what we needed. While we are so grateful for our home it is time to get out some time because there is just something about a shift in the routine that helps us connect in new ways. We needed a disruption. The stress of the last few months was building and buying this used pop up camper has been a GREAT decision for a quick home away from home.  Highlights so far: lots of tree climbing and hiking, finally seeing family, kayaking, campfire cooking (walking tacos, big breakfast with campfire donuts, & S’mores are big hits), family games, “Beers-biy” tournaments, scavenger hunts, cousin time, reading, and family time.

What are your plans for summer adventures? Where should we roll up?



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