Big News around the Engstrom house: Abishai can ride a 2 wheeler!! It has been a REAL struggle for him to believe he can do it. He fell and hurt himself last year and since then that memory and fear has meant he was unwilling to try. Yesterday Evy told him she believed he could do it & offered to help him learn.  He was in and within 15 minutes he was riding and has not stopped since.  
It made me think of how many times I stop trying because I failed or was hurt.  How many times I am unwilling to “get back on” because fear gets the last word?  It also matters so much that someone else sees in us what we cannot see in ourselves yet.  Evy told him she knew he could do it.  Believe in others- tell them they can do it because you need to hear it too. 
Let’s get back on the bike friends- whatever that is for each one of us.  Falling off is part of the story.  

 that moment when you are so proud of your self!

I love that Evy was the one who taught him to ride. Most of the times they fight like crazy & then occasionally they love each other so well that it makes me tear up.

Here is to getting back on the bike friends. May the falls and failures lead us to sweet success of pushing through- and may we all be feeling ourselves as much as Abishai,


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