Every summer we are anywhere near Chicago you will find us at Foster Beach- being too loud, digging and building sand castles, having survivor style races, splashing each other, chasing birds, eating ALL the snacks, making new friends, catching up with old ones, & eating Paletas. It is our happiest of places in part because of the memories we have here and that every year no matter what changes in our lives so much about Foster Beach stays the same. I told the kids to promise me one day they will recreate these images as adults and take THEIR children here. I am feeling a bit like a HUGE season of our life is passing with Abishai starting kindergarten this week and was feeling all the things. 
I was so nostalgic this trip and it made me look back at a journal entry I wrote ON THIS beach 4 years ago: 
When you live and love in a place for years it becomes part of who you are and I am realizing that Chicago and East Africa are part of our family AND we can hold those experiences are sacred and precious while still opening up to know and be known every where and anywhere God takes us. He designed our hearts to hold at all: the loss, longing, memories, beauty, lessons, challenges, fears, and hopes all together in one jumbled but beautiful mess and there is always room for more.  
Wow. Still so true for us- there is so much fullness & joy in our lives right now where we are AND we will always go back too- because celebrating together restores us. 
Perfect beach day! 

Cheers to doing the last days of summer right, 



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