Another year of the Epic Lemonade Stand was a success!!
 I say it every year but I am blown away by the kindness of people; strangers, neighbors, school leaders, teachers, working folks, friends, family, & our BIG but small community that come out in support of these kids & World Relief.
SO many dear ride or die friends came out and helped us accost cars an unassuming bikers 🙂 and then helped us tear down and clean up. Jr High kids got service hours and had a blast dancing to songs (an addition this year was a speaker with some old school jams!)  Old neighbors let us use their home for ice and pee breaks & so many of you came out to help- LOVE Y’ALL SO HARD!! 

Every year I think we just cannot pull this together and EVERY year I am SO GLAD we do because it is about the community and the kids learning that they can work together to make a difference! It is one of our favorite summer memories. 
We were out peddling lemonade, cookies, jewelry, & henna from 11am-5pm yesterday and it was HOT. 

No doubt the HIGHLIGHT this year was an anonymous gift after we closed down to get us EXACTLY 1$ OVER our donation amount last year!!! This donation made the kids tear up when I told them because they hustled hard but we were a bit short from the donation amount we raised last year.  But with that generous gift the kids raised….DRUMROLL…. $294 for World Relief & they will deliver a big envelope of cash when we volunteer in the office next week. The best part of this is seeing the kids know they are doing good and it matters & that even though when you watch the news you would be tempted to think differently our community is kind & welcoming & that it is always better to join together to make a small difference!! 
Swapna’s Mom is here from India and joined us in making thread jewelry. 
Every year we set goals to try to get different kinds of cars, people to stop and this Fed Ex worker made our day!! 
Pinni loving on Abishai. 
Charlotte perfecting the cross-eyed floss- try it- it ain’t easy! 
don’t let him fool you- he loved the cookie! 
college roomie came out!!!
Love that Swapna joins us in this chaos every year!! 

Thanks to everyone who supported and joined us!!


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