August was a beast. Period. I am still trying to make sense of all the change and recover from this last month of summer. But we rallied for Annikah’s 12th birthday and headed to one of our happy places- Bibi & Babu’s lake house.  Annikah wanted to celebrate her birthday with one of her besties at Lake Geneva! I did a friend lifestyle photography session for them & we did it up right by living our best lake life which included water skiing, tubing, annual fishing derby, grilling out, swimming off the pier, boating, kayaking, & having not much agenda but being together (when the rain did not cramp our style that is).  I am very aware as I look at these images that these times with our little people; however exhausting, are fleeting and these memories are precious. 

Life is far from perfect and we arrived home early to friend’s basements flooding, hard news for friends, &; a package with my auto syringe I will soon start injecting myself with meds in my stomach every other day but somehow that makes these moments of togetherness and sun and family and friends who are family all the more special. Life is hard and celebrating in the midst of it matters.  Summer memories give me all the feels. 
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.


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