We are so grateful for the Replanted community we are a part of- folks to walk along side of us in the foster care/ adoption journey. I say it all the time but we could not do this without community! I was recently asked to share some of our truth on their blog….

What do you wish someone told you before you began your adoption/foster process?
1. This will break you…in a good way but be patient.
2. You are not a terrible person for wanting out along the way.
3. Many people are trying to be helpful but will offer VERY UNHELPFUL advice because they have not walked this road- do not worry about managing their opinions of you. Surround yourself with people that are FOR YOU & have walked this road and as Brene Brown says “unless you are in the arena also getting your ass kicked I’m not interested in your feedback.” This has freed me!!

What have you learned about suffering through your family’s journey?
That suffering is real and the way of Jesus. He calls us to carry our crosses and this is easy to say and really hard to live. I have learned to look for Jesus IN the suffering and not just pray for a way out of it.

I am still in process on that one! 

I am sharing some more over at the Replanted blog



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