Dear person we are calling “super awesome person who loves God, ” You could not have known that I was up with different children 4 times the night before and spent the in between time restless & worrying. You did not know our day started with Abishai up at 5:02am and ended with a way past bedtime ER visit for him. You were clueless that I questioned how I was going to get through the day numerous times and doubted EVERYTHING. There was no way for you to know that I was feeling so unraveled by ALL of LIFE that I had to hold back tears at least three times yesterday. You did not and could not have known, but dear “super awesome person who loves God” who had a card full of encouraging, kind, and completely undeserved words along with money delivered to our front door anonymously, you were the kingdom of God breaking into my day and our lives yesterday. You reminded me that God is intimately involved and weaves things together for our good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We are so grateful.



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