The tree is put away; relegated to a box in the garage, the last of the candle wax was scrapped from the table top, and the Christmas cookie stash is finally gone.  But as I edit the last of our holiday photos this freezing afternoon with latte in hand I just had to post a few of these because the twinkling lights and sweetness in our children’s eyes are meant to be remembered and savored long after the lights have been taken down.

Jason’s last day as a Movember man. Abishai loved the tree and clearly we are not realists since we even decorated our tree with a bulldozer of a little boy in the house. I think I counted at least 6 broken ornaments but he did love it! And also we cannot forget this…

“you guys my mama is SO mean!! She won’t let me grab the fire and burn my face off with the Advent candles!” It is rough to be one.

For Santa Lucia Day the girls took turns wearing the crown and Abishai could not be left out

And Abishai’s first lollipop…in a moment of desperation while waiting for a holiday parade to begin. It was a great year of Advent celebrations and even though there is a lot of Mama and Papa effort involved I know it is worth it when the girls talk about our time together and Advent-ures with such anticipation and joy. Anni already asked “how many days until we start Advent again?” A while dear one.


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