When you have over 25 kiddos running amok to celebrate with some serious Frozen swagger you have got to just Let. It. Go.

And you would be correct in assuming this was the worst idea for a picture ever “everyone get together.”  Seriously, what was I thinking? And yes, they are singing “Let it Go” which if I hear anyone utter from their lips today I would like to make it clear that I am not responsible for my actions.

But seriously Evy skipped from the church building after we loaded the last crumpled and dirty table cloth in the van and proclaimed “Mama, that was the BEST birthday ever!” That makes it all worth it.

Swapna was an amazing help and I could not have done the party without her- from chocolate snowflake making to hair stylist she did so much!

Some of the snacks all ideas stolen from Pinterest most executed with less than shiny results.

And in my usual last minute-ness and lack of any responsibility I did not buy enough plates! Seriously. Lucky for me one of my gifts is surrounding myself with much more competent people that can help a sister out! It was a team effort. Especially because there were glue guns and crafts involved as well. I like to live dangerously people.

Catherine is amazing at face painting! She should totally charge for this (well, right AFTER this party  she should start:)

And just because 25+ kids running around is not enough noise there was Frozen Karaoke.

and I upon review of these images I might need to wipe down the microphone 🙂

cousins!!! yeah!!

and so many sweet friends

ok, and a few mug shots…

we played “frozen snowball” which coincidentally has the same rules as hot potato

Then there was a Frozen song lyric epic (mostly because of the near trampling & elated screaming that ensued) Scavenger hunt!

clearly the older girls who were “in charge” took their reading of the clue role VERY seriously

there were highs and lows and drama y’all.

prayers of gratefulness for Evy’s presence in our life & prayers of blessing for all our friends and family gathered

cake time! And do I make this face all the time? Upon review of the images the answer would be an astounding YES! I think the level of noise was making my eye twitch. I’m kidding. A little.

Apparently most of these children had not eaten in days. Well, maybe it was the lure if the sugar since the sandwiches and carrots remained virtually untouched.

Abishai thought the cake was fabulous and we love Bibi for being the baby wrangler!

the few. the brave. the dads.

goodie bags (did I mention Annikah was a rockstar helper?)

The bibi hook-up with tickets to see Frozen on Ice in January!!

We asked for no gifts and explained that Evy had an idea to help a woman in Africa where we used to live so we had a donation jar and she collected over 50$!!!  We will send it along to the microloan program we used to help with in Tanzania. I’m so proud of her that she wanted to use her birthday as an opportunity to give and bless others!  She also got a few sweet gifts and some money to put towards saving for an American Girl Doll.

After the party when I surveyed the blue jello on the floor and scraps of felt everywhere I felt exhausted but in that same moment I was also so blessed.  Friends stayed and helped clean up and my girls ran around and played and loudly protested “mama why do we have to leave so early?” Umm, you mean as the last ones and after you have been here playing for 3 hours?   I was remembering that a few months ago everything here felt new and scary and difficult but God has made a way and He has a place here for our family.  There were a whole crew of amazing folks gathered to celebrate our little girl. We are blessed.


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