This girl.  She is beginning to be more young lady than little girl some days.  There are moments each week I just stop and stare at her because I cannot believe the years are going so quickly.  I just want to remember this perfect smile with gaps and big girl teeth betraying her baby girl status while her giggles confirm she still is all little.  This little girl who wants to wear her “funky shoes” but could care less about brushing her hair.  She is our oldest; our Annikah, and we are loving this age.

When her dance teacher invited parents to the last dance class of the session on Friday I’m not sure she realized we would roll in with friends and neighbors, Bibi, and our whole crew.  But that is how we do.  Cheering the girls on for their hard work and concerned less with their synchronized moves and more with the smiles across their faces when they realize everyone is rooting for them because; truly, we all need more people on our sidelines.

So we came and we cheered for all the girls and we thanked her teacher and we ate cookies and we told Annikah she rocked it and we are proud of her about 125 times.  Because she did and I want her to always hear that again and again.  I am apologetically her hugest, most obnoxious, emotional Mama fan for all time.


And thanks to Swapna we have this video clip:


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