I turned 35 on Friday!

I have more wrinkles and a few more pounds than I did years ago but I am also more confident in who God has made me to be and I’m able to embrace more of the joy and abundance in my life.  Although time for some truth telling; as my always border line inappropriate friend (which is just one of her many fabulous traits) reminded me, I am half way to 70.  So yep I’m getting older but still yeah for birthdays! I make no apologies for LOVING birthdays!!

I love celebrating and it felt so special that my neighbor and friend Swapna and her family helped my girls plan a big morning of surprises, gifts, cakes, and amazing homemade cards.  They worked on it all week and Annikah was so excited to finally surprise me (I think Evy was mostly in for the cake). I started tearing up because it was one of the nicest birthday mornings in a long while. Surrounded by new friends and my awesome family I felt so blessed. 

The cards the kids made were so sweet!

I also challenged friends and family to the #bdaylattelove challenge and loved seeing all the posts throughout the day and weekend of friends taking the challenge to buy a fancy coffee for a friend and deliever the coffee and tell your friend why she/he is awesome and how you are grateful for their presence in your life. We all need more coffee and encouragement in our lives right?
 Here are just some of the friends and families that celebrated by encouraging others!!!

Thanks everyone! It was so fun for me to see everyone accept the challenge!

J’s parents arrived in the afternoon of my birthday to be here for Charlie and Abishai’s 1st birthday party and they offered to give us a date night out.  So what is better than Mexican food with my boo? Oh I know!! Deciding last minute to also see Dumb and Dumber To (our first movie out in over a year).  We ate too much.  We talked about life and change and us.  We laughed at his stache and a really dumb movie and old memories.   We reflected on this past year and everything God has done.  And I was grateful the fake leather on my shirt covered the snot that Abishai covered me in before we walked out the door.  This is my life and I would not want it any other way.

 It was a great day for a birthday! Bring it on 35, 



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