Yesterday we went to Jonamac Orchard to kick off our fall festivities (you know since it went from 80 to like 40 degrees!!). We joined the Schumacher clan and picked apples, jumped on giant pillow things, played, and waited in line for apple donuts for WAY TOO LONG (don’t worry they were worth it). Really if there is another way to celebrate the coming of Fall I am unaware.

While we were watching our kids jump; and by watching I mean we were mostly talking and occasionaly doing a head count we saw a dad jumping on the pillow thing that looked just like a friend form college- no wait it WAS Jason’s friend and roommate from college! Love running into people…there are 6 more kids in tow between us than the last time we saw each other!

our taste testers and pickers

love these girlies!

Yeah for family near us!!

Last year we went apple picking just a few days before this little man was born. Seems like forever ago and yesterday all at once.

And our boy didn’t let the fact that he (barely) has 4 teeth stop him from tasting them apples!

seriously how cute are these two?

cousin time is the best!

fall also equals climbing on hay in our book

the apple train

And alas we finally got our long awaited (seriously there were many texted exchanged between the guys waiting in line and the Mamas wrangling all kiddos…but that is how much we needed them donuts people!) fresh apple donuts!
Dear creator of apple donuts, I think you are both brilliant AND evil because we cannot make ourselves stop!!
Happy Fall Y’all,


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