The girls and I are having a rough time with this transition. We feel vulnerable and weird and wonky and our emotions are all over the place.  I have been crying over spilled coffee (literally), Annikah has been tearing up just thinking about having to be the “new kid” everywhere, and Miss Evy has been pretty much freaking out, crying, and embracing new levels of spicy-ness (even more than her normal level of spice).  After she was rude to a new friend at the park we had a long talk and prayed and what finally came out through sobs was that she doesn’t want new friends and that she just wants her old friends back.  Seriously, breaking my heart.  It is so hard to be struggling AND watching your children struggle. On good days I know that this changes have been a result of our desire to follow God’s leading and have made our family a family that can fit in in a lot of diverse places and make friends anywhere we go but on bad days I feel Mama guilt for all the transition our decisions have thrust on our kids. And good days and bad days are usually all in the same day. It is exhausting to start over.  Again.

We all deal with change and stress differently and Miss Evy is having a rough go of it so when we were talking about ways to make new friends and how we can embrace this change she came up with the idea of a tea party.  With boxes unpacked, a to-do a mile long, and Mama feeling stressed as well it was the last thing I wanted to do but knew we had to make it a priority! We jumped into full on tea party planning mode. I think my favorite parts of doing parties is seeing the creativity of the girls. They come up with the best (and some very hilarious) ideas!  We challenged ourselves to only get a few special food items and use mostly what we had here and they girls worked together to create a fancy tea.

craft time (thank you Pinterest)

Anni was the nail tech for the tea party go-ers (there was as much nail polish on the skin as on the nails but it was adorable!)

these fancy, silly girls rocked the tea party.

Rain cramped our style at the end of our little luncheon but I think everyone had fun and as little girls in fancy dresses ran around our home playing and giggling I was reminded this is what is important. Taking time to make friends and  not just worrying about all the newness and stuff that needs to get done. Right now Evy is at a craft camp planned by a 9 year old little girl and even though there is difficulty in this transition today we are grateful for new friends.  Hope your week is fancy & fabulous.  We all need a bit more tea party with friends in our days.
Pinkies up,


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