I’m actually sad this is my last day of the challenge. I think I am really going to try to keep my gear with me more because we all know I need more junk to haul around everywhere I really loved capturing the small things of everyday!  Our Sunday was packed and fabulous and I cannot settle on only 5 so I am totally breaking the rules on this last day. Here is 6 on the 5th day….

Evy worked it out to the Deliverance Singers after church this morning. It was awesome to worship Him together and the music just does not allow one to stand still for any length of time.

The girls and I had a shift at Midsommarfest inviting kids to join them at camp this summer. It is gonna be awesome y’all!

Grabbing a free sample of Oreo ice cream ridiculousness (code for pure sugar) at the festival. I seriously think my kids will be awake for days considering how much glucose they ingested today. They were crazysauce ALL day.

Um, so yeah…..this is real life a lot of the time. Can’t even remember what tragedy/injustice she was crying about (maybe she lost a sticker or wanted to have the pink plate…sigh.) but Abishai was having none of it.

We finally had a tutorial of Korean BBQ with good friends. The food and the fellowship was fabulous!

And then on the way home we took a shady and packed alley where we had to carefully navigate since most streets are blocked because of the festival and……FAIL….total flat. So that was fun. J changed it while I wrangled all 3 kiddos. I love these images, not because our lives or my kids are perfect but because our lives ARE full and we are blessed to get to journey our days together.
Happy last week of school!!


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