My memory cards are full of Christmas pictures and you can barely walk through our kitchen because of the gifts, suitcases, and mounds of dirty laundry but since the baby in napping in his swing I am enjoying a few minutes of couch time.  This year we had a blast with our Advent activities! Of course I had big plans for things that never happened in the chaos of the daily but when we started to pack up the advent wreath this morning and both girls were so disappointed we would not have our special time of reading and activities tonight I knew this past month was truly awesome.  Waiting and celebrating Jesus’ arrival every day during Advent was a blessing to us and as I packed up the Advent book this morning I knew I will miss that time as well.

We went to Come to Bethlehem again this year and it is now officially a favorite tradition. Really an amazing free activity (unless you count the 2 bucks we spent on pumpkin bread at the market because that is just necessary!!)

The girls got to participate in the concert after by playing the bells. Well, Anni played and Evy mostly starred at the young woman trying to get the kids to pay attention and play together. Bless it.
Great tradition and way to celebrate Jesus coming to our world by walking through the story together.


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