Abishai is loved. He was welcomed to this world by many friends & family. Here are some of his first fans!untitled-7
Good friends visit AND bring you pumpkin spice lattes.
Pastor Bill came and shared and prayed with us. Tears y’all!
Bibi loves to hold her first grandson
Uncle Rob can palm our little one.
My present for the girls: Big and Lil sister necklaces
Our friends from Congo moved to Texas the week we had Abishai.  We miss them so much already but it was a blessing the baby came early! We prayed that they would get to meet the baby before they left and they were able to visit in the hospital THE DAY before they took a bus to Texas.  They loved seeing our little man and brought us a sweet gift.
Joy had to meet the man who caused all the chaos for me over the last 9 months.
My dad drove out to see his grandson.
And this past weekend we drove out to visit my grandfather.
Great grandpa & his great grandson. Old & new. Beautiful.

This little boy is already loved so much and we can’t wait for Jason’s family to meet him!

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