On Saturday night I was blessed to be asked to capture some dear friend’s bringing their son from Haiti home to join their family.  It has been a long time in the making but God knew every detail and went before them.  I deeply admire and Kim (and their family) and the way she has journeyed on this road of adoption with wisdom and grace. You can read more about her challenges and joys here. I am so grateful as we pursue God’s plans for our family through adoption we have a community and family of folks that God has in our life to share with (and now I’m crying again).

After flight delays I was unsure if we would still be able to make it but apart from my baby crowning I would not have missed it so we made it work! We sent Miss Evy and J home since she was exhausted but Annikah and I stayed to welcome them along with many other family and friends.  As they stepped off the escalator there was a huge cheer from all of us crowded at the bottom eagerly waiting their arrival.  Maybe it is because we are currently doing Foster Care training and I am deep into reading and learning about fostering and adoption but I had an enormous sense of the profound loss and the deep joy of that moment.  And how acknowledging only one of those emotions is a betrayal to that moment of life.  This little boy is so loved already but he has experienced some of the deepest and darkest loss in his young life as well.  There will be challenge and blessing and difficulties and celebrations ahead for their family and we will stand with them in prayer and support them but it is their road to travel.  All this was bursting from me when I hugged Kim and tried to share something worthwhile.  Instead in typical me-ness I just started crying and decided to leave it at that and focus of taking pictures so not to scare their son with crazy white lady blubbering. It was a blessing to be there for these moments and I pray the images bless them as well in remembering a moment in their journey as a family.
kisses from his sister
high fives for his big brother
Praying for their continued journey and may God grant us all the peace and strength and grace to follow Him to whatever He has for each one of us.  Thanks Aneeds for living that out,


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