As children of the 80’s we feel it is our duty to pass onto the next generation a love for all things Star Wars. Jason takes this particular calling seriously folks.  After introducing them to A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back Anni in particular cannot wait for the next instalment.  Evy pretty much says “me no like the Vader bad guy” and “Yoda is a funny guy” but we’ll take it. A few weeks ago on a venture to a local toy store with a bag full of her carefully saved allowance and extra chore money Annikah spotted a poster announcing a Star Wars character appearance and she immediately wanted to surprise Papa for a date.  It was so sweet and the girls plotted and planned for 2 weeks giggling about their “secret” for Papa. And it was pretty awesome. I think we were the only family with only girls there and for that we are proud.
celebrity sighting. The girls both took about 20 pictures each. And they are very into picking out their outfits these days. Skirts are always part of the ensemble. Matching is clearly optional.
The 5-0 rolled up and apparently wanted to check out the Storm Trooper’s weapons. Gotta love Chicago and Star Wars,


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