As I document this pregnancy and HG journey I had to post a picture of my weekly supply of drugs and drug paraphernalia (trust me that makes it sound WAY more fun then it is).  Our house still looks like a mobile clinic but I did have three better days this week.  And by better I mean I walked a block to the park, ate more without it coming back up, and actually washed my hair for the first time in weeks.  Small victories people!  We went to hospital this week to see the doctor and the IV nurses and I got permission to keep my central line in for 2 more weeks as long as there is no sign of infection which buys me some time to try, ya know, drinking stuff which has proved to be nearly impossible. I think the worse is behind us and I am, in faith, actually beginning to make plans; however small, and hope that my entire existence will not be couch surfing and crying. I’m hopeful.

I am 4 months preggers and that is almost half way done.  But I must say this time round it is so much better to have medical support and intervention not to mention family and friends around to help (it take a village to keep me pregnant :).  All this does not make it easy but it is more bearable.  With Evy’s pregnancy I was so dehydrated for so long it was rough to even think clearly but this time I know I have educated doctors who understand and are serious about treating HG.  We are thankful.
Here is my 4 month belly shot (I figured I should capture some normal pregnancy stuff since so far it has been laying in hospital beds and being bitter 🙂 and newly washed hair (I only puked once because of the shampoo so things are looking up). Here is to October coming quickly and each day God’s mercy being enough,


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