A few weeks back we packed up and stayed with friends in Wisconsin for the weekend. We also had the opportunity to hear Jen Hatmaker speak about discipleship and the cost of following the mandates of the gospel. We also laughed a lot (I distinctly remember a story about an expensive bathing suit made of what she described as “trampoline material” Hilarious). She challenged us to ask how we can become good news again and discussed some hard issues.  I really felt challenged to think about the requirements of real discipleship and how that is often a painful process because it forces us to really examine what is important.  She reminded us that it is an honor to be asked to be a disciple but that the costs will be high. But that is really living; rich, blessed, abundant life. And I want it.

“It is enough for the students to become like their teacher” Matthew 10:25.  How much in my life will need to change to become like my teacher? Oh, how long that list is…but I also think about how much has already changed in my life by His grace. How much pain He has transformed into beauty. How much He has moved and is moving in me and I am grateful and want to offer more. She encouraged us to be bearers of His grace to the world and find out what He said He would bless and do that, go there, be a part of what is close to His heart. Too often I think we make plans and ask God to bless those and instead she challenged us to get involved where He is moving. I’m asking for a more teachable spirit so my teacher can make me like him.
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