It was free day at the Field Museum on Friday and we met some other homeschoolin’ friends for a day of exploring.  Well, mostly we came to see Sue and dead people (mummys) as Anni pointed out.  Taking the CTA proved to be a huge highlight as well just for the record.  But can I just say heading to the museum with small children on a free day is not for the faint of heart!  There were numerous (ok 2) lost or near lost children (one requiring me to grab a stranger and throw my stroller at him while I grabbed Evy in one arm and raced down spiral staircase in the wrong direction with hundreds of my closest friends in search of a little girl who went rogue.  Yikes! But alas, we all made it out unscathed.  And we had a blast and learned a bit too.
The Africa exhibit was especially impressive with two little girls running from glass display case to glass display case screaming “We know this!” “they wear this in Africa!” “We eat this!” and a piki piki ride clenched the awesome-ness of the experience.
the man eating lions!
ahem, said “dead person”
Sue & many adorable wee watoto (can you tell who was the uncooperative one? I know shocking right?)


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