Ah, the South. The land of Waffle Houses and slow moving customer service workers. It was a good time y’all! After a couple days in the South there was a rumor (um, it was true) that I started talkin’ with a twang.  Jason’s parents treated us all to a stay at a huge log cabin (a house made of sticks as Anni calls it) called the Party Hut.  And it was people. Hot tubs, a movie theater room, a sauna, and eating Thanksgiving out at Mama’s kitchen so no cooking or clean-up: can I get an Amen!?! Jason saw the buffet and his only comment “I’m gonna eat until I hate myself.” So yeah Thanksgiving stateside was filled with the need for comfy pants and family just the way it is supposed to be.  We also got to do some hiking and go to DollyWood (pics soon).
cousin movie night
the last night in the Party Hut was spent playing a game that involved eating Jelly Bellies.  Flavours included: barf, baby wipes, pencil shavings, dog food, moldy cheese, skunk spray, centipede, rotten egg, and booger! And Yeah, we did that for fun.
touring Gatlinburg with Babu
there was even a Bluegrass band…
and YES we danced (really, did you even have to ask?)
Plus, there was moonshine tastin’
and free fudge sample for the watoto set
Bibi & Babu with their grand-kids.  Pretty adorable right?
I love these girls.
It was a Happy Thanksgiving Y’all.  (ok, I will stop now soon).

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