I made my way to the far (it was almost Indiana people!) South side for a baby shower for a dear friend and former teaching colleague and it was a blast.  She has been on bed rest for months keeping little Karter safely inside until he will make his appearance in December so girlfriend deserved a PAR-TAY! Which is just what she got!
 It is such a blessing to be able to be here for these events since I spent so many years looking and the pictures on FB and sniffling that I missed the chance to join in and celebrate!  I realized just how much I have missed these ladies as we reminisced about the crazy, chaotic and eventful days of teaching together at Canter and shared the latest of our lives now. And I was some how roped into making some African grub soon (I’m pretty sure I volunteered).  And I laughed so hard and was reminded of the amazing women I am privileged to count as friends.
The shower was a great time to celebrate and look expectantly to all the change that is soon to come.  Congrats Akisha! You are gonna rock this Mama gig!


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