Over a month ago (I know I am stellar at being up to date) we hung out in Iowa city for a few days for a cousin reunion with Jason’s family.  It is a new tradition that has started in recent years and all his cousins get together.  And we finally got to be there! We got to catch up, laugh together, watch our kids play, and share about this family and the legacy handed down.  It is an awesome thing to realize that the people in your family are also people you would chose to be friends with. Blessings.
the first night we let Miss Anni stay up late to see the Tanzanian and the American teams make their entrances during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics….it was pretty fabulous to see the look on her face as she cheered both countries on.
coffee at the farmer’s market
new babies make everyone lose their “cool”
There was an art station for kids at the farmer’s market…guess who painted 3 flags?
and guess who mostly painted herself?
silly face girls
my fave part of the reunion was a time of worship and sharing. I think every single person cried.  And laughed.  And was profoundly grateful to be together.  We all committed to being real and not playing the ‘game’ of telling the glossed over, easy, facebook version of our lives. God was glorified through our weakness and we saw and heard about His power in our lives.  That is a  legacy we want to pass on.
geez, reproduce much? We sure have a lot of kids when you line ’em all up like this.  It was chaos to be sure but the kind that makes your soul full and your praise flow.  God is so good to allow me to be a part of this family.


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