Sorting through pictures of our last week island side and contrasting our lives a week ago with my life right now.  Insanity.  Today I am remembering this beautiful, colorful, crazy loud wedding. And I am praying for peace for our island that is experiencing more political violence right now you can read more about it here. But this is not just a news story to us, not just another “African problem” easily overlooked.  It is a place we care deeply about, a place where our friends and some of our family- not by blood but by love and sharing life- live and work. Streets are empty after some rioting and more police from the mainland are being called in to help.  Please pray with us for peace and His glory in this all. And to inspire you…. look at these beautiful faces celebrating a wedding last Friday, the holy day, when my neighbor’s younger sister got hitched and this Mzungu was asked to be the photographer….. Last week in Zanzibar 545.jpgedit
crammed into one small sweaty room to catch a glimpse of the bride….
Last week in Zanzibar 567.jpgedit
bling-ed & henna-ed up
Last week in Zanzibar 546.jpgedit
Last week in Zanzibar 635.jpgedit
my side kicks all afternoon
Last week in Zanzibar 620.jpgedit
halua..special sticky sweet treat much sought after and quickly devoured
Last week in Zanzibar 636.jpgedit
Last week in Zanzibar 650.jpgedit
Last week in Zanzibar 679.jpgedit
the groom arrives
Last week in Zanzibar 749.jpgedit
special rose water perfume for everyone in the growing crowd
Last week in Zanzibar 658.jpgedit
Rashidi watching the ladies
Last week in Zanzibar 711.jpgedit
beautiful colors.  I never will forget how amazing the vibrant color is here.
Last week in Zanzibar 730.jpgedit
nor will I ever forget these beautiful people…all of them.
Last week in Zanzibar 724.jpgedit
starting their new life together…..
asking for peace for our friends very far away but so close to our hearts,


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