My mother’s day present was a morning to meet a friend in town for tea and capture memories of this place I love so much.  These photos will soon be tucked away as my memories to cherish this place and these people….
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stone town pics 045.jpgedit
stone town pics 028.jpgedit
stone town pics 043.jpgedit
stone town pics 067.jpgedit
stone town pics 055.jpgedit
stone town pics 110.jpgedit
stone town pics 103.jpgedit
stone town pics 120.jpgedit
stone town pics 114.jpgedit
1. ocean front property in the morning
2. narrow streets in town with wires everywhere
3. hanging the morning laundry on the rooftoop
4. peeking through the door to see women working hard
5. Arabic over the door frame
6. doing school work in the street
7. girls in uniform walking to school
8. piki piki and blue door
9.  local bookseller and women shopping
10. watching street football

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