Today was not at all what I thought it would be but since I am reminded about “doing all things without complaining or arguing” I will just recount the good parts.  Maybe with just a little whining because for reals there was no power all day and it was HOT up in here and with no fans you feel every degree of the 110 heat index.
Jason left in the wees hours for a fishing expedition so us girls were left to our own devices.  And that means toe nail painting and because the temp inside was around  3,000 with humidity we figured the only sane thing was a pool date with friends.  We got a bit rained out but opted for allowing the kids to run freely in the lobby successfully annoying every tourist in the vicinity.  There may or may not have been a “opps Mama poo poo” accident involving Miss Evy Imani.  Luckily I always carry extra chupis in my purse.
luubna and me, j's fish catch 005.jpgedit
We headed home in hopes the power had returned and Evy could get a much needed nap in giving me time to relax and read.  But foiled again and no power meant no nap for Evy who instead of resting repeatedly lobbed items from her pack-n-play while screaming “MAMA!” in a kind of shrill and angry squeal.  Can’t really blame a sister…I can’t sleep without fans either.  After admitting defeat and greeting at least 5 women who came by since with no power our house became the hot spot for all your water drawing needs I was sweating profusely and we decided it was necessary to head into town to hit up our favorite smoothie place only to find it closed due to the power outage.  We then walked another 10 minutes over to an ice cream place only to discover they had no ice cream (but were open…hmmm).  You see I was really trying to have a positive attitude but my resolve was fading fast at that point.  We opted for a warm milkshake and a water because darn it we had come all the way there and were not leaving until we got ourselves something!  But enjoying our warm milkshake with friends who were also escaping the heat of their home made it all worth it. I am so grateful for those moments connecting and being understood.
luubna and me, j's fish catch 011.jpgedit
Then we got word that our fisherman J was returning from his day on the ocean so we headed home and ate the leftovers in the fridge that were quickly warming past the point of no return. Room temperature leftover rice is not so bad with a little taco seasoning and hot sauce…FYI.  Soon Jason; my manly man, came home; sweaty, sun burnt, smelling of the sea, and carrying half of this dude….
luubna and me, j's fish catch 021.jpgedit
Wicked teeth right?  He caught him himself and we heartily congratulated him on his hardcore-ness.  We fixed a fire, grilled fish dude up, gave some away to very happy neighbors, and called it a night.
luubna and me, j's fish catch 014.jpgedit
And the power came back and I remembered sometimes the difficulties here make the moments of calm and ease so much easier to be grateful for.


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