Even though we live here we have failed to take part in many touristy type activities. Mostly I can do without the overpriced everything and people constantly pestering you but I decided this was the year I would check out Sauti za Busara (Voices of wisdom). It is a music festival that celebrates “African music under African skies.” We had no doubt is was time once again for Sauti with all the granola tourist invading our island and after last year’s botched attempt due to craziest tropical storm in years here I needed to try again to get my music on. I only stayed for one act because Jason and Bibi were waiting for me but I loved hearing a bit of “African” mainland music. This culture is so vastly different from other parts of Africa and most music is tarab or Arabic recitation thus boo-tay shaking drumming was a novelty. Here is a taste….and yes that guy is playing the recorder instrument with his nose!

makes you want to shake what yo’ Mama gave you doesn’t it?


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