I took this picture a few months ago at a wedding and after looking through all the photos I could not stop going back to this one. The light is just beautiful and unexpected. Ladies party, wedding 172.jpgedit

And it reminds me that even when all you see is darkness there is always light. I can focus on the darkness sometimes: the seemingly unanswered prayer, the what-ifs, the overwhelming needs, the choke hold of division, and the vice grip of fear. But that leaves out the victory. It is not the full story. There is more. Abundance. Life. Light. Always.
I like how the Message puts it:
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;

the darkness couldn’t put it out.

The true source of light. He is always there. We have seen some amazing answers to prayer this week. Even with our mustard seed size faith. And I am humbled that He uses us and sees fit that we get to experience miracles meant only for His glory. Friends healed and loved. Amazing. And bright, shining, glorious light even in dark places.


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