and her wedding day….

I love learning about photography and although I am far from an expert I am enjoying honing my skills in an amazing corner of His creation. The people, the colors, and culture here are a privilege to capture. I am lovin’ being invited to take pictures at friend’s wedding because in addition to blessing them with photos of their day I get to snap some amazing cultures shots. Here are my favorites of the wedding last week…..

Ladies party, wedding 153.jpgedit
amazing colors…everyone waiting for the groom to arrive
Ladies party, wedding 143.jpgedit

you can barely see Anni’s dress in the middle of the crowd
Ladies party, wedding 121.jpgedit
chanting and “dancing”
Ladies party, wedding 131.jpgedit

it gets pretty intense y’all!
Ladies party, wedding 171.jpgedit
the men folk through ever present laundry and a really funky coconut tree
Ladies party, wedding 175.jpgedit
all that dancing in the heat was tiring for some
Ladies party, wedding 186.jpgedit
the men praying
Ladies party, wedding 202.jpgedit

the groom & best men through the incense smoke
Ladies party, wedding 224.jpgedit
on the way to make it official
Ladies party, wedding 249.jpgedit
prayers of blessing
Ladies party, wedding 110.jpgedit
my student and her niece in their finest
Ladies party, wedding 267.jpgedit
and one self take of the sweaty (hey, we did a lot of dancing!) photographer and one of my English students before we all headed home. Happy Harusi!

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