Helper. Check Miss Annikah out….
pamoja, dark week, ngalawa, towel on Anni, halloween 002.jpgedit
pamoja, dark week, ngalawa, towel on Anni, halloween 001.jpgedit

Scheduling…shall we say…. challenges because of the new micro loan program J and a friend have started up at Pamoja has meant Anni has had to join me for my English class once a week. We decided to have a review game day before our mid-course exam and Anni’s job was to issue stamps on each student’s card after they finished the game at each table. My students LOVED the games and Anni was pretty much a rock star in dolling out the stamps. 6 stamps = candy at the end of the class so stamps were serious business people! I love the flexibility I have here of being able to work and teach with my kids alongside me. It is a gift to share this with my girls and they love the attention and love they receive from the people here.

my current Beginner English Course students. And yes, I have 2 Korean students (one was absent the day we took the picture) that know Kiswahili but not English. We are international folks!!


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