One of my English students stopped by last week to visit and brought me this:
papaya 003.jpgedit
The enormous papaya not the adorable girl. We actually are not big fans of the fruit as if often tastes a bit weird at best. Ok, to be honest we call it “butt fruit.” Not that we have tasted any butts to clarify. But even if we loved papaya there is just no way one family could eat that thing. The answer was obvious: after shule snack. And it fed 29 kids plus the neighbors that wandered over when they heard there was free food. Always better to share I say (unless of course it is our Reese’s Peices sent from the US- then we hide ’em….is that so wrong?).
shule papaya and flat indi 017.jpgedit the cutting crew
shule papaya and flat indi 023.jpgedit
shule papaya and flat indi 026.jpgeditshule papaya and flat indi 030.jpgedit
shule papaya and flat indi 029.jpgedit
shule papaya and flat indi 032.jpgedit


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