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Congrats!!One of Jason’s best friends here and his wife had their first baby a few days ago. We got the call late when they were headed to the hospital and were kept up to date via text messages during the next day. And we prayed and waited. The next day his wife was still at the government hospital with her mother but he showed up to Jason’s computer class! That is dedicated (well, that and he could not go into the hospital anyway). Early the next morning we got a text that a little baby boy arrived safely. Jason offered to drive them home from the hospital so she would not have to take the dala dala over an hour (Can you imagine taking the dala dala after only giving birth a few hours ago? Not to mention with no pain meds…I just cringe when I think about being crushed in with all those people and going over bumps…..people here are for sure hardcore!) Needless to say, they were very grateful for the ride. Jason arrived at the hospital and his friend was still outside waiting as he was not present at the delivery (usually only the woman and her mom are there) and had not yet seen his son. They were released from the hospital and before all cramming in the car Jason asked to see the tiny little baby and he and his friend saw him at the same time! So different as children are really seen as a mother’s sphere. After a few days they gave the baby his name and we went to visit the new Mama and baby boy at her mother’s house. He is tiny and was all bundled up in kangas and a winter hat because it is so cold here :). He also has black makeup around his eyes as is custom. In the culture it is meant to protect the baby from “the evil eye” as people are very fearful of bad things happening to their children. I guess in a world where things often don’t make sense this is how this culture tries to control mortality. We brought some food and some baby garb as is custom in our culture for overwhelmed new Mamas and Jason prayed for them and the baby. That they would know peace, sense God’s love, and rely on His protection. Their first born son: that is big!! And we got to share in the blessing a bit and for that we are thankful.

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