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In about an hour I am off for a trip to another little island near us. I have been told numerous times I need to go and this time it actually worked out. I will head over with a local girlfriend’s sister since she already left 2 weeks ago (she was bummed I could not go and stay the entire almost 3 weeks she will). I am sooo not that hardcore, not to mention teaching, kids, team stuff, everything here. They invited me months ago for a wedding but did not know for sure the exact date until last week. But this morning Evy, a friend, and me will head out on a three hour boat ride (ick!) to the island and be there over the weekend. Definitely no Internet and probably no power so alas no blogging for a bit. I am packed (with all outfits ok’ed by my friends that are going plus some necessary survival tools for Wazungus like food for Evy, a mosquito net, bug spray, and some meds) and henna’ed up (a must according to my friends). This trip will be a few things….a crash course in culture….lots of language practice(no English for 5 days)…..lots of dancing……eating together……talking and chances to share life…..lots of kisses for the cute Mzungu baby…….visiting……and for sure an adventure!! Wish me a safari njema (a good trip)!


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