Any reader of this blog knows our Miss Anni’s love (OK, obsession) with all things princess. Much to her delight Bibi Rhoda has this outfit which sorta resembles an ice skating ensemble except that no one skated in it and she cannot remember it’s origins. No matter to Anni it is fabulous and she put on a recital with at least 12 different “princess performers” all introduced by yours truly and all played by Miss A. She would run around the corner and whisper the name to me (some of her favs included Princess Tata, Princess Talifa, Princess Kukia– where does she get this stuff?) and then after my announcement she would perform a number while we finished dinner. She would also always declare “this is my end” meaning whatever dramatic pose she stopped in was her big finish and therefore she was ready for her applause. She cracks me up.

Here is Anni ready for her applause

& looks like she is already trying to get lil‘ Evy into all things princess. I came into the living room after folding and putting away some laundry the other day to find this……(Hmmmm, I wonder who did it?)

Evy complete with tiara, wand, and Anni’s baby sidekick.

Her face sorts says “save me from my sister” no?


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