We are freeloaders……let’s face it. We have no home and little fund-age šŸ™‚ and thus have been staying with generous family and friends that take us in, feed us, and generally put up with our chaos. Lucky for us we have awesome friends and family since having a newborn also means that we are not much help in the cooking and cleaning arena. Annikah decided she wanted to try to earn her keep a bit during our time in Iowa….

shoveling snow with Babu…
Anni tries to earn her keep!

by making cookies with Bibi……she went a little nutz with the candy decor & I am pretty sure we collectively ate way more than we made šŸ™‚
As always everyone spoiled us with family time and lots of cousin love (Thanks!):

cousin sleep over at Joel, Silas, and Joshua’s house

Bibi Rhoda and the girls
Babu shows Anni the backyard…Iowa is COLD!!
cousin time at the local library
We will be back one more time before heading back to Africa…..we can’t wait!

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