We have had a full house of visitors this week. A great family that lives on the coast as well is crashing our place while here to process some frustrating immigration and work permit paperwork. Pole sana for them! We have loved having some Americans around who appreciate our Starbucks coffee and ranch dressing. Their family has been out in Africa a lot longer so it was so it has been encouraging to hear stories of surviving and thriving here. They have 4 kids so we have been busy keeping the 5 kiddos occupied. Although Miss A has had a few rough moments of sharing-phobia she has loved having 4 friends to create chaos with, she will be sad to see them go home on Saturday. Here are some highlights from the week so far.

yeah for art projects!

dance parties in your chupis rule!

pool party…just how many kids can we fit in there?

Wii free for all

Anni & her friend happened to have matching swimsuits from what all American store? Target! the Mamas


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