Wapi Papa? means where is papa and it is a familiar phrase around here these days. One of Annikah’s favorite things about moving to Africa in my estimation is having both of her parents around. In the states some days she saw Jason for maybe 1 hour after he arrived home from work but here she gets to see him a ton. She is definitely a Papa’s girl and she has loved spending more time with him and we love being together as a family. It has taken some adjustment as our roles here are so different and our spheres that were very separate at home have been blurred. But overall it has been a blessing and I think one of the reasons Annikah is adjusting so well. Her favorite activities with Papa as of late are reading the “heavy book,” so named by Annikah because it is a rather large and hard to carry collection of children’s stories that she loves to read mostly because they are arduously long and enable her in her craftiness to draw out bedtime stories as much as humanly possible until we have to cut her off, going to the beach for a swim and a seashell hunt, going for walks in our neighborhood to greet our neighbors and her many rafikis, and running errands around town. I realize that Anni is so blessed to have two parents, even if they are us with our flaws and faults. I am grateful we are in this together; for better or worse. She gets to intimately know both of us and we get to work together on the hardest gig on earth; parenting.

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