On Sunday we said goodbye to the Engstrom clan at Jason’s Aunt Ruth and Uncle John’s house in Elgin. It was a great time of swimming, enjoying the beautiful weather, and eating. Grandpa Lower shared some scripture and Jason’s dad prayed for us. It meant so much that everyone traveled to see us off. Anni and her cousins (especially Silas) were inseparable and they gave her a beautiful laminated book full of pictures of them together that will get a ton of use the next couple years as well as some fun crayons and stickers to keep her busy on the plane. Grandma Rhoda also made her a gorgeous apron with her name embroidered on the front so she can cook with Mama in Africa.
All the kids also got to hit a pinata although surrounded by all the boys Anni was a bit timid but was not too shy to enjoy the fruits of the violent whacking. I love these pictures of Joel & Silas with the spoils (or sugar) of their labors. Thank you all for making the day another special memory we can take with us of the loving family we have here in the U.S. We are blessed and we know it!


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