We had to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo before we leave, or as Anni calls it the “monkey place.” Maybe it is because we have called her monkey girl since she was a baby or just because monkeys rule but Anni was obsessed with watching them. We did take her to see other animals but she always wanted to come back to “monkeys.” All the way home she mimicked the monkeys eating, swinging, and she was also very enthralled that she saw one “pee pee.” It was rather amusing as one large ape made her way to the top of the habitat and positioned herself exactly over another unsuspecting ape below and let it go. What can I say? We are easily amused. Annikah also could not understand why the various animals did not respond to her sweet “hi’s” but she stil enjoyed talking to them and laughing at their antics.

On our walk to the car we made a pit stop at the Nature Museum because we heard it was free day. We only had time to hit the butterfly room but Annikah loved it, especially the one that landed on Mama’s bag.



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