We are back from Tennessee and I am exhausted. We had a great time but as soon as we arrived in Chicago it hit us how much we have to do in the next 3 weeks before we bust outta here! Anni stayed behind with my parents and her fav Auntie Katy (rock star awards for all) so we could spend more time catching up with everyone and less time chasing after her and working around nap schedules. I know she had a great time without us but I was so happy to see her beaming little face scream “mama!” when I picked her up on Monday night.

We were in Nashville for a cousin’s reunion (Jason’s maternal side) and it was awesome to see everyone since we skipped out on the last one (we had a good excuse as we were in Italy). We hitched a ride with Jason’s cousins that live in the burbs (thanks!!) since our poor Blazer is not doing so hot. The reunion was a perfect timed reminder of the blessings of family we have in our lives. The weather was even hot and wonderful. Here is the weekend in a few pictures…..

Chai tea Popsicle at Fido’s

The Lauer team…we smoked ’em at wiffle ball
The victorious “others” team (yes, named after Lost)

Nashville had a deli named after Jason & a reserved parking spot just for me šŸ™‚

getting lost with 4 minivans full of people can be amusing…

lots of enjoying the weather & swimming & games & eating & laughing

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