Annikah just loves little girls. She is mesmerized by their every word and action. She is often seen at church holding hands with the elementary age girls and leading them around. One of her fav gals is Emmy. This week after school Emmy babysat for Anni while I got some work done around the house. It was fabulous to have an extra 2 hours to work on lesson plans, catch up with email, and prepare a crazy lesson for Awana. It was a special blessing to hear Anni giggling with joy while playing with her new friend in the next room. Having a younger gal babysit is actually really fun because she is so engaging and wants to play and amuse Annikah. Anni also turns into a little comedian when little girls are around. We drove Emmy home and as soon as she exited the car Anni put her head in her hands and sobbed. It was precious. She is looking forward to her new friend coming over again soon.

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